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When I started my web site, I was not expecting over 30% of my web site visitors to enter my site from the male pubic hair removal web pages. A lot of men in Oshawa are interested in learning how to remove their pubic hair but do not know how to start as most of the pubic hair removal products and services are catered mainly for women.

It all reads like standard sales copy below… written by people who do not really know much on how different the Male Body Hair grooming scene is… like Claude Edwin Theriault and his many years of experience with a pretty much  exclusive men only clientele. Since it is not like “hair styling industry” or even fashion industry, which are basically professionally inbred onto their smug and self righteous  selves. Clicks and clans who think they know but are just posturing bastards… who don’t do customer service in a real and present way, they are just there for the minimum wage Barbie pay check.

The natural selection aspect of the Spa industry has me working as an independently owned and operate business with peace of mind meeting with Male  Body Hair Grooming clients …comfortable with the concept with no judgement , just great non sexual intimate body work without “The Attitude”

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It takes a serious artist type where… your body/ my art, my art your body . Like Male Beauty Forum has since it’s inception and now grown into Male Beauty Forum Lifestyle, or MBF Lifestyle East Coast Nova Scotia .

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Standard mainstream reads like……Let’s take a look at the popular pubic hair removal techniques used by women to find out why they may not work for men.Why Brazilian Waxing Isn’t Practical For MenMen who wish to try Brazilian waxing to remove their pubic hair may visit a Brazilian waxing studio. Chances are, not all of them will accept male customers and if they do, they will charge a higher fee for men. Another issue men have is the uncomfortable feelings about visiting a waxing studio as over 95% of the customers are women. The thought of entering one will cause most men to squirm. You will have to reveal your private parts to a waxing professional in order for them to wax your pubic hair. Some people find that very humiliating and embarrassing.

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Moreover, a man’s testicles has very thin and sensitive skin. You might have to walk like a crab for a few days after the waxing!Warning: Male Electric Shavers Are For Your Face OnlySome people recommend using an electric beard shaver to shave pubic hair. I think that’s a stupid idea because beard shavers were created for the face and they may hurt that  scrotum skin. Even if you really want to take the risk and use an electric shaver on your pubic area, I sincerely hope you won’t use the same shaving foil on your face again after it has rubbed against all your private parts for hygiene purposes.

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Say No To Razor BladesWomen have the availability of leg shavers for shaving their pubes. Although this isn’t the best tool to use, at least they have leg shavers while men don’t. I do not recommend using any traditional razor blade on the sensitive pubic area because it may cause pubic rashes, pubic pimples and ingrown pubic hair. Try shaving your balls with a razor blade and I guarantee you’ll feel a terrible burning sensation all over your scrotum due to the razor burns. Pubic hair removal techniques that work for women may not work as well for men.

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mens spa services Manscaping is a popular term for man genital hair removal by shaving, trimming, waxing, or by other means to get rid of those unwanted hairs, especially pubic hairs. It was not until early of 2000's; it was still considered taboo for most American males to shave hairs below their belly button area. But today, manscaping is done by most metrosexual males, porn stars, celebs, and sportsmen elites. Bodybuilders shave hairs in order to make their muscle definition become more visible, swimmers shave hair to improve their performance, cyclists shave to provide better massage treatment in case of accident, porn stars shave to show their more fiercely dongs and metrosexuals shave it for aesthetic and cleanness reason.For whatever reasons you have if you've decided to remove your pubic hairs today, please consider carefully and choose your most suitable manscaping methods. There are many method of shaving your genital hairs, the easiest one is shaving and for this reason I will only talk about shaving method here now. For other method of genital hair removal such as waxing, depilatories or laser hair removal, I'll let you know on other post. Shaving - the most convenient method to get rid of your pubic hairs and ball smoothie.It is advisable that you use new razor blade, never use old fashion razor or throw away cheap razor blades. It is your most precious "ball" on earth, so dedicate a new razor for your pubic and ball hairs shaving purpose only and make manscaping your man-pleasure-land fun and dangerous free.Pros:Quick and pain free.Result is almost immediate.Cheap.Cons:Itchy-bitchy-scratchy situation within 24 hours.Ingrown hairs Nicks, soreness and razor burns in the sensitive area.Must shave regularlyTips for better manscaping by shaving. 1. If your pubic hairs are wild curly bush type, thick and long, try to trim down the hairs until about half an inch. This is to prevent your thick bush blunt and clog the razor too quickly. 2. Since pubic hairs are coarser, you need to make it softer for easier shaving by applying hot wet towel to your pubic area and leave it for one or two minutes, or alternatively you may use your common shaving foam. 3. Apply a lpre shave oil.... then a hemp gel ,use light stroke upwards to hair growth direction and rinse the razor immediately to clean the hairs clogging. 4. Remove all unwanted hairs to make it a smoothie "elephant style"; clean shave your pecker but let your ball untouched to create "rambutan style", or leave small patch above your penis to make "triangle patch road way to heaven style".There are many styles you may experience and try out and make you manscaping become your genital trademark that only your sweetheart know. Let it become your little secret! 5. Apply lotion or after shave cologne to cool down the burn sensation - you may also use ice cube to prevent itching or take advantage of baby oil to reduce uncomfortable effect of stubble may cause. 6. Last thing to do is rub in hair inhibitors to stop your pubic hairs to sprout up too quickly and your genital hairs will become softer. 7. If you are bear man type-hairs spreads out and cover almost your body from your face, neck, chest, back, hands and feet. In order words you are covered by your natural hair carpet, consider to removal your genital hairs only is not a good idea.Why, you asked! No. I won't tell you why getting genital hairs removal isn't a good idea for you. Okay, if you insisted. You will make your sweetheart either in a great shock or burst in laughter to find that the only part of your body that now clearly visible is your penis.My suggestion is remove all your body hairs if your want to get smoothie ball, not only the bush on your pecker but whole body hair removal.Happy manscaping