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When I started my web site, I was not expecting over 30% of my web site visitors to enter my site from the male pubic hair removal web pages. A lot of men in Annapolis are interested in learning how to remove their pubic hair but do not know how to start as most of the pubic hair removal products and services are catered mainly for women.

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It all reads like standard sales copy below… written by people who do not really know much on how different the Male Body Hair grooming scene is… like Claude Edwin Theriault and his many years of experience with a pretty much  exclusive men only clientele. Since it is not like “hair styling industry” or even fashion industry, which are basically professionally inbred onto their smug and self righteous  selves. Clicks and clans who think they know but are just posturing bastards… who don’t do customer service in a real and present way, they are just there for the minimum wage Barbie pay check.

The natural selection aspect of the Spa industry has me working as an independently owned and operate business with peace of mind meeting with Male  Body Hair Grooming clients …comfortable with the concept with no judgement , just great non sexual intimate body work without “The Attitude” and the price

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It takes a serious artist type where… your body/ my art, my art your body . Like Male Beauty Forum has since it’s inception and now grown into Male Beauty Forum Lifestyle, or MBF Lifestyle East Coast Nova Scotia .

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Standard mainstream reads like……Let’s take a look at the popular pubic hair removal techniques used by women to find out why they may not work for men.Why Brazilian Waxing Isn’t Practical For MenMen who wish to try Brazilian waxing to remove their pubic hair may visit a Brazilian waxing studio. Chances are, not all of them will accept male customers and if they do, they will charge a higher fee for men. Another issue men have is the uncomfortable feelings about visiting a waxing studio as over 95% of the customers are women. The thought of entering one will cause most men to squirm. You will have to reveal your private parts to a waxing professional in order for them to wax your pubic hair. Some people find that very humiliating and embarrassing.

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Moreover, a man’s testicles has very thin and sensitive skin. You might have to walk like a crab for a few days after the waxing!Warning: Male Electric Shavers Are For Your Face OnlySome people recommend using an electric beard shaver to shave pubic hair. I think that’s a stupid idea because beard shavers were created for the face and they may hurt that  scrotum skin. Even if you really want to take the risk and use an electric shaver on your pubic area, I sincerely hope you won’t use the same shaving foil on your face again after it has rubbed against all your private parts for hygiene purposes.

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Say No To Razor BladesWomen have the availability of leg shavers for shaving their pubes. Although this isn’t the best tool to use, at least they have leg shavers while men don’t. I do not recommend using any traditional razor blade on the sensitive pubic area because it may cause pubic rashes, pubic pimples and ingrown pubic hair. Try shaving your balls with a razor blade and I guarantee you’ll feel a terrible burning sensation all over your scrotum due to the razor burns. Pubic hair removal techniques that work for women may not work as well for men.

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mens spa services On the topic of Manscaping, Mike Myers as Dr. Evil in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery commented, "It's breathtaking... I suggest you try it!" We live in an outsource it culture, so find professional help to do this for you, since what may be somewhat surprising is how this body hairless trend is spreading to males! Within the last few years, more and more men are looking for ways to obtain a smooth chest, back and more. Whereas hair removal by men used to be limited to just male athletes, an increasing number of men have begun this practice merely for aesthetics. My male clients tell me that the benefits of body hair removal are: increases their self-confidence increases sexual attractiveness makes them look and feel more masculine visually enhances muscle definition gives them a "cleaner" look prevents body hair from trapping sweat and oils which can lead to clogged pores and body odor for tattooed men, they can display their artwork more clearly. So, what are men's options if they want to jump on the body hairless bandwagon? Depilatory creams. These are topical lotions that are rubbed on the skin to instantly remove the exposed hair. They are quick, cheap and work well but they need to be repeated every few days. Electrolysis. This method works by treating every hair, but because of the process, it can't treat large areas of the body. For men, it is mainly used on the eyebrows. Laser hair removal. This is a great long term solution for men who are looking to remove hair from large areas of their bodies. It can also produce excellent results with around a 70% reduction of hair in the treatment area following a full laser hair removal process. (See below for more details on this service that we provide at our office.) Shaving This method just requires a good (new) razor blade, shaving cream and a pair of electric shears for the thicker areas. Shaving works for everything from men's heads to legs. Waxing and sugaring This hair removal technique is the most painful. In addition to being painful, the hair grows back after a few weeks because the follicle in which the hair resides is not damaged in the process.So, if you're a man who is looking to keep up with the latest trend and remove hair from your back, chest, legs and more, laser hair removal is quite possibly the best answer.However Laser is a long term ,love /hate thing, ; since it is not done in 2 or 3 sessions

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